Community Outreach


Thirty high-quality cribs were donated to the Women’s Choice Network of Pittsburgh last month. These cribs will be delivered to local needy mothers with the help of volunteers around the city.

Kevin Muchnok, a local representative of Stanley Furniture Company and friend of the Women’s Choice Network, arranged the donation. The Stanley Furniture cribs are top-of-the-line, and would be otherwise unaffordable to many clients of the Women’s Choice Network. The cribs have been stored at Leggett Kitchens, a local warehouse in Lawrenceville, until they are delivered to the clients homes.


Recently, Leggett Kitchens participated in an event with the BARTKO Foundation. The BARTKO Foundation assists minority mothers to reach their quest of economic and educational self-sufficiency.

The BARTKO Foundation held an event at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club and Leggett Kitchens donated the costs of a table for 10 people. Leggett personnel and friends attended the event and participated in this great cause. The event was attended by several hundred people and was a great success.

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